Uw Agreement

3.1.5 Departments are invited to have an ASSA/ contract signed by the provider in order to protect the university from liability issues or to conclude specific agreements between the provider and the department. Users of the department are reminded that they are not authorized to sign these agreements and that they must be sent through the purchasing services for verification and signature. In the event of a dispute about the agreement or an offence, contact the federal prosecutor to discuss the possibilities of recourse. Approval of the ATF eGC1 does not imply approval or acceptance of the agreement. Review of MyResearch Agreement Considerations Check the status of the agreement Instructions and support for international agreements that are not liquidated by OGA, including sponsored projects or programs, see the decision table for agreement types. UW contractual sponsors should review opc guidelines and procedures before engaging in any form of international partnership. The University of Washington (UW) uses a wide range of contract types to do business in support of the UW mission. Consulting contracts are concluded between the promoter and the examiner as an individual outside the academic employment. As a result, these agreements are neither negotiated nor signed by the university. It is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure that the terms of the agreement are not contrary to his obligations to the university and that the work to be carried out does not require the use of academic resources. You will receive help through the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic at UW Law School.

Learn more about consulting contracts. Academic support service assignments are NOT part of a delegation agreement; As a result, delegated officers are not authorized to establish ready-to-order requirements for these services. Mission officers should submit requirements and justifications or services, as in the procedure #3 above. To renew a partnership, complete the contract proposal form and submit it to OGA. The renewal procedure is the same as for new agreements. If the partnership has worked well and the terms of the original agreement remain relevant, with limited or no revisions needed, the approval period will be relatively short. Many types of agreements related to research and sponsored activities are sent to principal investigators (PIs) and UW staff. A guide has been developed to determine which UW branch you should go to. Housing contracts are legal and binding documents between you and UW. It is important to understand that you are held responsible for all provisions of your residency contract..

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