Vatican Jerusalem Agreement

Despite four calls from Israeli diplomats, the Vatican refused to give details of the contents of the agreement, a senior official in Jerusalem said. They also state that they “expect that the previous agreements signed between the two parties will be respected and improved on the basis of total equality of people between peoples.” Diplomatic relations between the two states were established after the signing of the agreement. Prior to 1993, the alleged confiscation of property in East Jerusalem after the six-day war was a problem for the Vatican. [Citation required] The Jerusalem Declaration on the Capital of Israel was also important to the Vatican, contradicting the Vatican`s plan to make Jerusalem an “international city” under the influence of the Roman Catholic Church. [Citation required] After this provision, Israel agreed to ensure “the full effect of the legal personality of the Catholic Church” and of all Catholic institutions operating in Israel under Israeli law. The agreement recognizes the legal status of enterprises, instead of the current de facto status, to Catholic units created under Catholic canon law[5] without having to include them in Israeli law. Wednesday`s agreement will define the activities of the Catholic Church in territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority, the Holy See said on Wednesday. In December of this year, a quarter of a century ago, the Holy See and the State of Israel signed the Fundamental Agreement that paved the way for the complete normalization of bilateral relations, which crystallized a few months later in the establishment of diplomatic relations. How did the parties reach this transcendental agreement? The agreement was signed on 26 June at Vatican City in Rome.

Foreign Minister Riad al-Malaki signed on behalf of the Palestinians and Foreign Minister Paul Gallagher signed on behalf of the Vatican. The agreement, which formalizes relations between the parties, implies the official recognition of Palestine as a state by the Vatican. It contains eight addendums on the activity of the Catholic Church in the “State of Palestine.” According to a Vatican statement, the agreement “addresses the essential aspects of the life and action of the Catholic Church in Palestine.” “The people of the Catholic Church said that once the treaty was ratified by the Vatican and the Palestinians, it would become public and then we could get a copy,” the Israeli official said.