Registered Office Service Agreement

d. No lease, leave, licence or other protected right allowing the client or his staff to surrender and use these premises or parts of these premises is created or contemplated or sought by these gifts, and the parties will not invoke an oral amendment to their provisions. The amendment if one of these agreements is not valid, binding or enforceable against the parties, unless they are duly recorded in writing in the form of complementary agreements signed by both parties. 1. The Centre undertakes to provide the client with certain offices in the premises mentioned above, as noted above, in order to continue its activities more comfortably in the name and style of the ———————— and as ancillary costs for office services that the Centre has allowed the client to use part of these premises and also to make available other annexes. , equipment, equipment and services. CONSIDERING that the Centre is a member of the _______at_____________ AND CONSIDERING that the Centre has ——————————— to provide office services in the name and style of the ——————- in the above premises and, to that end, has made arrangements to provide office equipment and services to persons who require such facilities on a temporary and contractual basis for their business activities; one. The duration of this agreement is three months from the date of this agreement and may be extended for a total of three years, which ends from April 1, 2000 to March 31, 2003, for other similar conditions. However, provided that the Centre may, at its sole discretion and without giving reason, refuse to grant expulsion on that behalf. 2. The Centre has agreed to provide the customer with the following services: d. In the event that the client uses the above facilities for purposes other than the position of trust of the business offices and gives rise to a civil or criminal law act, the Client must fully compensate the Centre and all those that result. 7.

The Centre is free to terminate or renew this contract by communicating in writing to the client a three-month notice period in which it wishes, and at the expiry of that notification, and if the client departs himself, withdraws his staff and assets from the aforementioned premises and fulfils his obligation under this agreement; The Centre reimburses the client for the interest-free amount of the deposit under Term 6. ACCORD which, on the date of `2000 BETWEEN` —————— in —————– (`centre`) of a part and ————– of a company at the address `2000 BETWEEN` in —————– (`centre`). in the case ____________________________a company referred to as “customer” (the enk company). 10. Any dispute between the parties is referred to the exclusive arbitration of Mr________________. His office in ______________and is subject to the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996.c. to use the centre only for commercial purposes as an office and legally and, in any event, not to use it illegally and not to inflict disturbance, harassment or irritation on others in the centre. 9. It is also agreed between the parties and states that the heresy authorization of the Centre to use part of these premises is not permitted, in addition to the use of office facilities, amenities and services of the Business Centre for the client and the client, to use other entities separately, since the agreement is composed , indivisible and indivisible.