Macau Lease Agreement

For example, as the owner of a Hong Kong ID, you can stay in Macau for up to a year. As this can be reconductable for additional periods of one year when returning to Hong Kong for at least 24 hours, you can sign a standard three-year contract before the end of each year. The contract and all its terms must be respected by the new owner, who must know the lease and provide them with a copy during the sale process. Since most Macau tenants have a two-year contract, the tenant has the right to remain on the property on the same terms for one year if their landlord is not given 90 days before the end of the lease. “These procedures make it completely impossible for foreign lenders to rent their properties, which weighs on the supply on the market,” says Liu, noting in general that supply in the rental market is limited. It also points out that notary procedures make it more difficult for foreign landlords to set up their apartments for rent on the market. Under current regulations, foreign landlords can either have their identity documents sent to Macau for the notary process, or have their rental contract sent to their place of residence to have their notarized signature certified, or be authorized by a third party to rent their apartments on their behalf and sign the lease. Until now, the only way to resolve such disputes has been to take legal action. In the event of the termination of a tenancy agreement for failure to carry out contractual obligations, the legal proceedings are tedious, complicated and an obstacle to the development of the rental market. Although the revision requires that the signatures of tenants and landlords on the lease be authenticated by a notary, some landlords try not to do so to avoid a higher tax.

Portuguese newspaper Hoje Macau reported in March that a tenant had said that some landlords and real estate agents could offer lower rents, unless the lease was notarized. However, under the law, the landlord has the right (once notified) to keep at least one month`s rent and up to two months as compensation, but no more than two months. In the termination case required by the tenant, the law stipulates that a 90-day delay for early termination is required at any time.