Lenovo Enterprise Agreement

In addition, certain parts of the website may be subject to additional terms of use that we make available to you for your verification or, by other means, a link to the part of the site to which these additional conditions apply. By using such parts or part of these parts, you accept the additional terms of use of these parts. If any of the additional terms of use governing such a party conflict with these conditions, the additional conditions will be monitored. The sale of Lenovo products and services is also subject to a separate sales contract. EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION: All information exchanged between the parties is not confidential unless it is subject to a separate written confidentiality agreement between the parties. The supplier will seek the consent of its employees and other companies that allow Lenovo to receive and use the information that the Lenovo provider may provide about these employees or companies when this information is subject to data protection legislation or other privacy obligations. EXCLUSIVE TERMS: This order describes the exclusive conditions under which the supplier provides products or services to Lenovo, provided however that Lenovo can add additional terms and conditions to this order, and the parties may also be subject to a written agreement referred to in that order (for example. B a Lenovo Parts Procurement Agreement or a Lenovo System Purchase Agreement). Such written agreements may relate to these buttocks as a work permit. Unless Lenovo agrees, Lenovo`s rights cannot be removed or changed in accordance with this order and no other documents or communications engage Lenovo, including the proposal, offer, order confirmation or supplier invoice. The supplier has the right to provide products and services under this order only if the supplier accepts the above statement of exclusive conditions.

WARRANTIES: the supplier guarantees that (i) it has the right to enter into this order and that it complies, at its own expense, with all laws (including environmental and anti-corruption laws) or any other obligation that may affect its performance in the context of this order; (ii) there were no claims, pledges or lawsuits or are not threatened against suppliers who may infringe Lenovo`s rights in connection with this order; (iii) the products and services listed in this order do not infringe the privacy, intellectual property, moral or other rights of third parties; (iv) the products mentioned in this order are of commercial quality, are free of hardware and design errors, and also meet the warranties, specifications and requirements of this order, including, but not limited, to 41A7731 (“Baseline Environmental Requirements for Materials, Parts and Products for Lenovo Hardware Products”) and 41A7733 (“Lenovo RoHS Engineering Specification”); v) the products covered in this order are safe for the intended use; (vi) the products mentioned in this order do not contain malicious code, do not provide electronic self-help and are able to interact with monetary data (i.e. they are able to properly process monetary data in euro and euro currency designation agreements, including the euro symbol); (vii) products are not manufactured with ozone-depleting substances (including halons, chlorofluorocarbons, chlorofluorocarbons, methyl chloroform and carbon tetrachloride) and the supplier will provide the necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance with this requirement; (viii) products are new and do not contain used or obsolete parts; (ix) it will comply with all applicable data protection laws and otherwise protect information that may identify a person (“personal data”), and it will not use, disclose or transfer personal data processed for Lenovo across borders unless it is required to implement in accordance with this order and responds to Lenovo`s requests to access , to rectify or destroy this data