Dau Support Agreement

“National Price Fixing Convention (NAPA) “, an agreement with a manufacturer or supplier that grants conditions on a national basis. Custom logistics support contracts require contractors to pass these savings on to the end customer. This subsection contains guidance and procedures on supply demand, contracting, contracting and post-award management as part of DLA`s tailored logistics support initiatives. This category includes The Prime Vendor (PV), similar existing assistance agreements, known as modified Prime Vendor Initiatives (MPV), and future initiatives that have PV agreement characteristics but are not considered traditional PV. TLSC initiatives are first-rate offering programs for authorities at 13.402 (a) for the use of rapid payment procedures. (2) S-S Past Performance History: the quality and scale of the supplier`s historical surge support performance are taken into account as part of the overall performance assessment. In the absence or historical support of S-S capacity, the supplier may consider other relevant performance his or hers demonstrating the supplier`s ability to respond to and maintain higher production rates, or faster than normal or both delivery requirements. 1. The program manager or the head of the Integrated Assistance Team (STI) (i.e. a level above the contract officer) for each tailored logistics assistance program (i.e. the team that manages the program, such as metals). B, MRO deliveries or special operations) must carry out quarterly price checks.

The evaluations include a representative sample based on the total number of orders for this period. Following these audits, the custom program manager/head of the STI program is required to report results, including results and corrective actions, to the Director of Supply Operations or the design partner for audit and approval. A copy of the report must be copied into the contract file. (1) The Waropper Material Buffer (Buffer) program helps reduce raw material delivery times to support defence contracts for military systems with a war requirement. The World Wide Web Industrial Capabilities Assessment Program (WICAP) (www.jccs.gov/wicap) website identifies suppliers and materials for stamps of current materials. If the buffer material is not available or the quantity of material is not sufficient to meet the requirement, the contractor contacts the contractor`s representative (COR) to obtain this. When a buffer is put in place, the contractor uses the following procedure to apply for buffer material. An arms contractor (or subcontractor supporting a principal contractor) with a current active U.S.

government contract must submit a valid application for the use of buffer material to the CoR for the corresponding buffer material. The CoR will review the bid and approve or reject the application. The holder must include the following information in the application: (a) a PV contract or any other custom logistics support contract must correspond to one of the PV price models established in subsection 15.4. Tenders and long-term supply contracts must include the C07 note in order to inform suppliers who may be candidates for industrial mobilization and/or significantly disrupt the potential availability of essential raw materials. This stocking also explains the management`s attention that is required for the duration of a custom logistics support contract. It contains a purchase note at 17.9504 (c) that must be used when the government relies on the contractor`s purchasing system to verify that the contractor is competing with goods or services or to justify fair and reasonable prices.