Cmas Agreement

Contractors who enter into CMAS agreements offer value-added benefits to their agency clients, including: CMAS agreements are not concluded through a tendering process conducted by the State of California. This is why all prices, products and/or services offered must have been previously offered and awarded according to a GSA calendar of the Bundes-GSA. The provider completes a CMAS application that offers products and/or services at prices based on an existing Bundes-GSA multiple premium plan. This calendar is called a “basic contract.” After reviewing and accepting the application, the CMAS unit grants a CMAS agreement containing the terms of the California state contract, procurement codes, guidelines and guidelines. For clarity, the CMAS program does not use the Federal Supply Service Schedule authorized by the GSA. Instead, we enter into a totally independent California agreement for the same products and services, at the same or lower prices. Once a CMAS has been awarded, the contractor markets and markets CMAS and provides the CMAS unit with quarterly reports on CMAS sales transactions. The CMAS sales contractor is required to pay the General Services Department (DGS) an incentive fee of 1% (excluding revenue and freight tax) for all local government sales, if it is not a small, certified business in California. Revenue is reported quarterly by the contractor CMAS for each CMAS agreement. Payment by a government or local agency via CMAS is made in accordance with the provisions of the California Prompt Payment Act, Government Code (GC) No. 927 and.

Mr. Seq. Barring a statutory exemption, the Prompt Payment Act requires agencies not to pay uncontested invoices that are duly submitted more than 45 days after (i) the date of acceptance of goods or the provision of services; (ii) receive an undisputed invoice, as appropriate. The CMAS Directive does not allow these services to be obtained through a CMAS agreement. The duration of a CMAS agreement begins with the allocation by the CMAS unit and ends on the same day as the referenced GSA calendar of the Confederation. Orders from agencies must be sent to the following address at 703-871-8505 or by email at The State of California enters into several award contracts pursuant to paragraphs 10290 and 12101.5 (as of January 1994) by the Public Contract Code Sections 10290 and following. A multiple award is a prize given to two or more contractors for the same products and/or services at the same or similar prices. The multiple allocation does not relate to the number of buyers who would be subject to the agreement, but to the number of contractors receiving a premium from a joint tendering procedure.

A CMAS is not implemented through a tendering process, but recognizes all prices, products and/or services previously offered and awarded under a Federal General Services Administration (GSA) multiple bonus plan.