Avans Agreement

If you need help applying, please contact the International Office: `31 88 – 525 80 01 internationaloffice@avans.nl The start of your lease is non-negotiable and is within the deadline. On the day you sign the lease, you will also receive the keys to your room. Is it possible to move my room before the final date of my lease? Unfortunately, it is not possible to change or cancel your booking. After you have made your reservation, you are responsible for paying all the monthly rents in accordance with your rental agreement. I am ready or have accepted an internship in another city, can I cancel my lease? We have exchange agreements with partner institutions around the world. All Avans sites offer a number of international exchange programs in which students can participate. Can I change the terms of the lease? If you are an Alwel tenant, you have a www.Ittdesk.nl. If you sign the rental agreement, you will receive your personal login codes and instructions for the network available in the house or unit by mail. No, it is not possible to terminate your contract before the end date of your lease. If you wish to leave before the end of the tenancy agreement, you are required to pay all remaining rents. If you do not, the housing companies will turn your case over to a bailiff. Can I pay my rent if I leave the tenancy agreement before the last appointment? If the tenant requests a change to a lease after the lease begins and the lessor agrees, a $50.00 TTC fee is levied to amend the lease.

If additional costs are incurred to guarantee authorizations for such a change with a third party, these fees are passed on to the tenant. Alwel: We will confirm your booking during the first week of August. This is done by e-mail. We will then provide you with a copy of your rental agreement and information on how and where you can pick up your keys. A laundry room is available near the concierge`s office in Epelenberg.