As a translator, as a writer, as an artist in the worst possible meaning, I got a number of books, works, and articles published. I don’t see it as a relevant thing, but I think it is fair too to find a place for them on this website.

My Words

As Bicis, de Xabier CidMy most recent work is a poetry book, As bicis. No that I am a poet, but I sent this book to the XXI Premio de Poesía Concello de Carral, one of the most important awards for poetry written in Galician, and I won.

Where to buy it: The book just started its journey, and it is hard to find so far. You can contact Libraría Couceiro to buy one (ISBN: 9788494916427).

Where to read about it:

Yet nearly 20 years ago I wrote a short novel, Terá as túas balas, over a fortnight to get on time for an award’s deadline. I was selected as runner-up. The (short) novel was published by a publishing house now closed, and the book is currently out of print.

Then, I opened a blog. That was in the beginning of this century and by the time this was a popular blog amongst those written in Galician. Not all of its contents were literary as such, but I considered it mostly an artistic project. For six years (2003-2009) I wrote As túas balas, although signed by an unfortunately-no-that-anonymous character. I should repair or migrate all those contents, but…

I also wrote some small texts for other events, like the text for Unha cabana no lago, an exhibition by Álex Mene, a text for an antology of blogposts, or others that I don’t remember now.

Others’ Words

A princesa e o trasnoI found an extraordinary pleasure translating texts. I published some of these translations mostly from English to Galician, but also translated some other texts from or to other languages.

  • Notas de cociña, theatre play by Rodrigo García, translated for the university theatre group Captatio Benevolentiae (2000), then reviewed for the professional group Berrobambán Teatro (2001) [ES -> GL].
  • A visita da vella dama, theatre play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, translated for the university theatre group Eis (1997) [ES -> GL].
  • Os peixes encarnados, theatre play by Jean Anouilh, translated for the university theatre group Eis (1998) [FR -> GL].
  • Café de espejos, by Ramón Otero Pedrayo, published by Art Teatral, Valencia (1998) [GL -> ES].
  • Xan el buen conspirador, by Álvaro Cunqueiro, published by Art Teatral, Valencia, 1998 [GL -> ES].
  • A princesa e o trasno, by George MacDonald, published by Urco Editora, 200. [EN -> GL].
  • Unha viaxe á lúa, by George Tucker, 2010, published by Urco Editora, 2009 [EN -> GL].
  • O devalar da idea. Otero Pedrayo e a identidade galega, by Craig Patterson, published by Fundación Otero Pedrayo, 2008 [EN -> GL].
  • I assisted Craig Patterson in his translations of Sempre en Galiza and A Esmorga, two capital works of Galician literature translated into English.

I am currently working in a different project, translating books of recently died authors; in 70 years, these texts will be in the public domain and publishable in Galician (they are publishable now too, but publishing houses have their agendas, and so I have).

More About Books

In 2006, my friend Antonio was generous enough to host most of my books when I came to Scotland. His project, our project, now Laura’s project too, is an undefined treasure of books and memories in Calvelo de Maceda that we call Fundación Apóutega. That large library is (part of) my commitment to the future generations.

Also, I worked as a journalist for three different media on books, a monthly magazine on literature (Protexta), a specialized magazine on Literature for Children and Young People (Fadamorgana), and a catalogue og Galician literature to export and promote (Praza das Letras).

For a while I was also member of the organizing committee of the 2010 IBBY International Congress.


I played a minor role in a radio soap called Novembro, by María Lado, a beautiful project that I mention here because it was beautiful although my role was irrelevant. Currently I am developing an Instagram project called Constant Landscape.


I did some research too, and published some of it, in different journals. My main topics were journalism, blogs, literature and sport. I gathered an incomplete list in a separate page, to not to be too worry about mistakes.

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