I also have a couple of other skills to move around.

Communication & customer service

Over the last five years I’ve been working occasionally as tour guide. That was a job that I could do in my spare days, now and then, driving vans or guiding buses to the north of Scotland, the lochs, the castles, the amazing landscape or the nature of the isle of Skye. I like Scotland and the UK as a whole, and I wanted to show the country’s bests to tourists. Also nature and landscape, but history too, are amongst my main interests.

Yet professionally tour guiding gave me lots of complementary skills I did not have before. When the goal is to carry a bus of 50 old ladies and gentlemen, make them happy and interested in landscape or history, and getting to places on time, good communication and customer service skills are needed. Health and safety, time management, personal encouragement… you need everything to deliver the perfect experience.


I love to cycle and I move around on my bike, but I can drive too (European driving license), and a large part of my professional life happened behind a steering while. I have an extensive experience in working from home and in international traveling for work.

I can speak and write fluently English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Galician. I can also read and understand, and have a basic communication in Italian and Catalan.

Neist Point

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